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Uber Rival – Namma Tygr App To Launch In India


Uber and Ola in India are currently enjoying successes as the top players in the taxi industry. This has always been a source of displeasure for taxi drivers and other taxi companies. Uber and Ola drivers are not subjected to the same regulations as traditional drivers. Despite this, most Uber and Ola drivers are unhappy as they believe the rideshare giants are taking too much off their earnings. Uber drivers have requested for more benefits and less commission taken off their earnings. This saw former Uber and Ola drivers’ band together to launch a new app called Namma Tygr app that hopes to provide cheaper alternatives to commuters who have been ripped off by other cab aggregators.

The company is backed by Former Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and will be called Namma Tygr app formerly HDK Cabs. The app launched on the 31st of October, 2017.  The company is registered as ‘Huli Technologies started by the former Uber, TaxiForSure and Ola (UTO) Drivers and Owners Association. The association partnered with Savetur Digital Private Limited to launch and operate the Namma Tygr app. Namma Tygr App

Namma Tygr app founders have stated it will claim a commission of 12% for every ride. Drivers will also enjoy great benefits like accidental and vehicle insurance. The company claims that over 8,000 drivers have applied and undergone verification. There will be no shared service like the UberPOOL offered by Uber.

The News Minute blog quoted the company saying “After Bengaluru, we will start our operations in Mysuru and then Mangaluru. We plan to launch all over India in the coming years”. “We expect that drivers currently attached with existing cab aggregators will join us. We are giving better facilities to the drivers at a very small percentage of commission”.


Drivers are being trained in batches of 15-20 at the company’s headquarters in Indira Nagar. They are being given training on app installation, downloading and other service operations. Drivers will also enjoy Rs 2 lakh in medical insurance cover and there will be 10 emergency-patrol vehicles to support both drivers and customers all around the clock.


Passengers Benefits

Surge pricing has always been a bone of contention between rideshare companies and passengers. The comoany has promised that passengers will enjoy fixed prices with no surge pricing or any other hidden fees.

The Namma Tygr App will offer services in Mumbai, Kolkata, Ranchi and Indore. The company hopes to see more Uber and Ola drivers signup with the service. Passengers can request a mini hatchback option at Rs 12.50 per km and a sports sedan utility vehicle option at Rs 18.50 per km.


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