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Uber Services: All About UberGO


As we know, Uber has gained quite a reputation as a revolutionary in the transportation sector by creating seamless travel and decongesting roads through ride-sharing. With various services that satisfy diverse customers’ need, Uber is fast becoming a household name.

No matter your need, Uber has tried to meet it by introducing different Uber services. They include: UberX, which is the mid-tier cost Uber service; UberBLACK – the most expensive and classiest service with black high-end vehicles; UberXL – the 6 passenger version of UberX; UberSELECT – the service that sits between the UberX and the UberBLACK services; then the UberSUV – which is the 6 passenger version of UberBLACK. Some cities offer a variation of these services to suit their markets. One of these variations is the UberGO service. In this post, we will shed some light on UberGO and in which markets you will find this service. UberGO


More About UberGO

UberGO is a chauffeur driven hatchback currently available in India. This is the cheapest Uber service worldwide and is even said to be cheaper than the price of riding in an auto rickshaw and the popular UberX.

The typical UberGO vehicle is a small 4 seater hatchback car that is big enough to carry 4 passengers and has air conditioning. However, this car is not large enough to carry too much luggage.

Uber announced in one of the company’s blogs that, “We are excited to announce the launch of UberGO; a spanking new range of low cost, chauffeur-driven hatchbacks (think Etios Liva) that roll onto the streets of every Uber city in India today. For this launch, drivers are able to connect to the Uber platform using devices provided by our technology partner, Huawei.”

Other vehicles that can be found under the UberGO category are Maruti Ritz and Maruti Swift.

Uber launched in India with the UberBLACK service which is considered Uber’s classiest and priciest service. It was inevitable that other affordable services would be introduced into India. India is a populous country with a huge number of people living below poverty line. People needed services that they can afford hence; the UberGO and UberX services.

We hope to see this service in other populous countries all over the world soon.


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