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Uber Services: All About UberHIRE


By disrupting the global transportation sector, Uber introduced a simpler way to commute without the hassles of traditional taxi hailing. There is a reason why the rideshare behemoth continues to dominate the transportation industry; and this is not just because it’s a pioneer in the rideshare industry or the impressive number of drivers signed up under the Uber service.

Uber boasts a plethora of services that not only carters to different segments of the society but also to unique needs. The UberX, UberXL, UberPOOl and the UberBLACK (to mention a few) are some of the Uber’s services designed to meet different needs. Uber remains a force to be reckoned with due to its continuous ability to evolve while introducing new variants of rideshare.

Now, Uber has introduced a new service called UberHIRE in a few select cities like Dubai and India. This service is a first in rideshare,  designed to meet the needs of people who want to use the service like it’s a personal car. This service is an extended trip option designed to meet your personal or travel needs for a day. UberHIRE


So what is UberHIRE?

According to Uber, “UberHIRE is a time-based service that allows you to request an Uber and keep it with you, for multiple stops.” This service allows you to request a car on-demand for 3 hours extending all the way up to 8 hours. Unfortunately, you can’t schedule this service yet as it is only available on demand for now.


How does it Work?

With UberHIRE, you can meet up with back to back meetings, run personal errands throughout the day, great for inter-city business travel and so much more. The service will also match you with drivers that have high ratings and use newer car models. To use the service, you will be required to pay a minimum fare that will last you the first 3 hours, then you will be charged a per minute or distance fare. The great news is that there is no dynamic pricing with UberHIRE.


To request:

  • Open your Uber app
  • Scroll to the UberHIRE view, set your pickup location and request your ride
  • You will see your driver’s details along with the details of the car
  • At the end of your trip, your total fare will be calculated based on the distance and duration of your trip
    • A helpful tip is to Input all of your planned destinations in advance. You can always update your stops during the trip
    • Agree with the driver on where the meet-up point will be
    • Collect your driver’s phone number



In India, you will be required to pay a minimum fare of Rs.749 in cash to the driver at the start of your trip. This minimum fare covers the first 3 hours. You will then be charged a per-minute fare of Rs.3 after the first 3 hours have been exhausted.

In Dubai, you will be charged to pay a minimum fare of AED 300 at the start of your trip. This minimum fare covers the first 3 hours. You will be charged a per-minute fare of AED 1.67 after the first 3 hours have been exhausted.


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