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Uber Xchange Leasing in India


Getting an Uber approved car can be very costly for intending drivers and most shy away from regular car finance programs because of high rates. With this in mind, Uber has partnered with Xchange leasing India to help Uber drivers secure cars for their Uber businesses at affordable rates. Uber Xchange LeasingNow called Uber Xchange, leasing India, the rideshare service structured the leasing program and tailored it specially for Uber drivers/partners in the Indian market. The Uber Xchange leasing program can also be found in other places round the world. 


How it Works

Drivers who wish to get in the Uber xchange leasing program have to make a very low security deposit of about Rs. 30,000 per month. This is really low compared to all that drivers have to pay in the case of regular car finance. Also, preventive maintenance, Insurance, Registration and all permit and taxes are taken care of by Xchange Leasing. Payments are collected weekly and you do not have to visit the office to make your payment.

A significant benefit of using Uber Xchange leasing is that the vehicle ownership transfers to the drivers after 3 years / 4 years (This is optional). Drivers also get 4 weeks rental exemption per year and a zero depreciation bumper to bumper insurance. What’s more? Drivers get phone support that ensures proper guidance anytime you need it. There are no mileage caps with Uber xchange leasing.

For more info about Uber xchange visit the Uber office in Delhi: SCO 300, Sector 29 Gurgaon. POC – Naveen Kumar 8447525628. You can visit anytime between 10am and 4pm.


Required Documents

We contacted Uber to verify documents needed to signup for the Uber Xchange leasing program and they provided the following details: 

Drivers/Partners have to provide the following:

Personal Documents

  1. Address Proof ( Current & Permanent )
  2.  PAN Card
  3. Aadhar Card
  4. One Photograph
  5. Bank Statement for past month
  6. Valid Commercial Driving License

Rental Documents

  1. Rental Agreement
  2. Electricity bill


Things to Note

To signup for this service, interested drivers/partners must only drive with Uber and no other rideshare or taxi service. Also the leasee must be the only driver of the vehicle and no other.

Its obvious that this program was designed with Uber partners in mind. To enjoy this mouth-watering offer, please visit the closest Uber office to you for more information.


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13 thoughts on “Uber Xchange Leasing in India”

  1. Hi ,

    I have leased a car ritz from XLI a uber company from Noida sector 67 on 27th September 2017 by paying 25000 initial amount to XLI and get a receipt for that.

    The car was is attached to the uber and leased on 4500 rupees per week , and all the paperworks and insurance and service was to handle by XLI .

    On 29th of september , me and my driver go to gurgaon to take car as we got call from Mr Kuldeep Khowa from XLI gurgaon .

    They show us 4 5 cars , all were not bad condition , 2 were accidental out of them.
    only one car hr 55 y 3110 was looking better in that so we ask them to give that car.
    they ask to take car on 3rd october as we got late on 29th september.

    on 3rd october my driver take that car to his home. He told me that car is not in good condition to ride , so on 4th october , We call to the staff of XLI to either give us a good working car or get this car perfectly serviced .

    On 4th October the call us to come to office with car, so my driver visited there office , and they send him to one service cnetre in gurgaon , they refued to take car and said we dont serivce for uber now.
    Again on 5th October , they send him to go mechanic workshop exit 9 jharsa , but they refuse to take car without any reason , then when we call to xli staff , they told us to visit noida office .

    After visiting noida office nest day on 6th October , they told to go to adya automobiles noida for car service.
    They again refuse to service car , so we again call to XLI gurgaon to make the car in good runnnig condition.

    Then they told to go to dwarka service station on 7th october, but when we ask them why you are wasting our time and money in moving here and there , then they again ask us to come to guraon office promising to service car .

    After reaching gurgaon on 7th october , they send car to mahipalpur service station .
    We get car on 17th october thinking that car will be in running condition , so driver take car from them and from 17t october night he login the device from uber id and start taking trips on car.

    From 18th morning , car was again showing problem in steering , cng and tyres bursting . So we ask them to replace tyres atleast , but they refuesd to do that, so driver put two tubes in tyres and start riding car.

    We ask them to tranfer ride amount to our account no, assocatied , so they told us we dont have to pay you anything but you have to pay from 30th september as our installment runs from the same day from leasing the car.

    On 2nd november We retun the car to xli and they give ur a recipt signed by mr ketan. They told us to send the security deoposit to our account associated but we did not get any amount as well as the ride amount from 17th october to 2nd november which was our effort for riding the car.

    Please help in getting the security amount (25000) , uber amount from 17th october to 2nd november and the amount which was invested by us due to their negligence.

    I have all the assocaited phone numbers of person and call recording with executives and person of XLI and uber.



  2. Uber Hyderabad
    1)Be cautious while choosing this program.
    2)Don’t expect security deposit on return/cancellation of vehicle/policy but programs says its refundable.
    3) You won’t get any help/discounts from uber team in terms of parts replacement/repairs as they are giving used cars under this policy if you find any repairs after taking vehicle you have to bare them.
    4)Make sure while taking vehicle have a workshop report with you, cause while you return a vehicle they will definitely check all these things and cut amount from your security deposit.
    5)Don’t attract for leave policy for loan terms there is a limit upto three it seems clarify on this.
    6)Free maintenance has also some limits ask them clearly on the terms & conditions or write it in paper.

    1. Hello Sandeep,

      I cant really understand your question, Can you please resend your question in english correctly so i can assist.


      Joseph for Uberkit.net Support.

  3. I am leasing parter my driver on 6/11/2018 telling i am leaving job since the night i am going out station on 8/11/2018and i am coming on20/11/2018 it’s a Diwali time how should i get the driver so partner please arrange for the driver or please till i come Mumbai don’t take the rental it’s a humble request to the XLI partner.

    1. Hello Ashok,

      I can’t seem to understand your massage, please shade more light to your comment so I can assist you.


      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  4. Till December 2017 was good earnings.after December 2017 to now December 2018
    Uber boost surge trips target
    Lakhsya promotion.uber had
    Reduced our earnings.but not reduce lease amount of the car ?

  5. I’ve leased a Honda Brio car mh46 ad 2534 on 9th Feb from Kurla office the guys name was “basu” who did my documentation!! so if I’m leasing a car I am supposed to be the partner i guess? bt this guy made some mistakes while documenting and the trips that I took from 10 Feb to 20 Feb all went into my last owners account so the payment I was supposed to get went into someone else account and inspite of I getting paid the first 2 weeks rent added up on my account I took this issue to the support team who clearly said that this issue is the mistake of the xli team who did ur documentation ( “basu” this guy I guess) so I went to xli team after that to sort the issue to my surprise I came to know that this guy was manager something of the xli. And this guy is not willing to accept his mistake the solution he gave was that either pay the rent or the car will be recovered or drive in negative balance until it gets sorted I can’t help it !!!( His words) its been a month now I’m not using the car I’m nt taking trips at all they are charging me rent till now at present my account shows(- 30000 ) they are not able to sort this issue until now I’ve been running into the uber office for about a month now// about 2 days ago I went to uber office I was very much pissed of now. So there was some heated argument between me and xli team a guy named Saurabh who was handling the issue and who was giving me week after week time to sort the issue used these words exactly(tera kitna baki hai re 7 se 8 Hazar hoga itna natak kar Raha hai and in the mean while this basu guy came in who said may tujhe office se bahar fekh dunga tu kya kar Sakta hai kar le) I requested them to atleast refund my deposit amount and take the car back as I have to see my family as well I’ve been sitting at home for about 3 weeks now with no income for which this “basu” guy said we don’t do refunds it’s our company policy now I’m fed up of fighting with ur xli team I’m just writing this so that atleast people will come to know about xli uber (my name mohan my mobile no 9821602469/7021991224) in case anyone wants to take this thing in their hand to sort it I hope

    1. Hello Mohan,

      We are uberkit.net (NOT Uber), a service for people trying to grow their uber business. That being said, we hope the issue gets resolved soon.

      Best Regards,

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  6. Sir I am xli partner vehicle no.hr 55y0252 in accident 12 march 12 march ko meri gadi Ka accident hua tha aur abhi tak meri gadi mujhe nhi Mili h Jo Noida me r n Chevrolet me h aur ab tk bani nhi h aur meri lease bhi band nhi ho rhi h chutti lagane jao to wahan chutti nhi lagti aur ab tk Mera 7711rs lease ho gyi h bagair gadi chalaye hi batao ab main Kahan se dunga jb gadi hi nhi chal rhi h sir meri lease band ki Jaye aur back lease Jo update ho gyi h use bhi bataya jaye

    1. Hello Zeeshan,

      Have you visited the greenhub in your city for assistance? If you’ve not, please do. There are in a better position to help you.

      Best Regards,

      Joseph for uberkkit.net support.

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