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More About UberBOAT In Mumbai


Due to a teeming global population, many cities are striving to introduce simpler ways of commuting. Some cities are fast embracing rideshare to simplify transportation while reducing greenhouse emissions and traffic congestion in our cities. In densely populated countries like India and China, bikes and rickshaws are being used to decongest roads and reduce carbon footprints.

Ride hailing giant Uber continues to devise innovative ways to connect passengers with rides seamlessly. Now, Uber has launched a speedboat service in Mumbai named UberBOAT.


More About UberBOAT in Mumbai


In partnership with Maharashtra Maritime Board, the UberBOAT pilot service will join other ferries and ships along the following routes: Gateway of India, Elephanta Islands and Mandwa Jetty.

To access the ride, users will also request Uber Boat rides via the Uber app. To shed more light on the reason for the product launch, Uber Newsroom reported that Prabhjeet Singh, Head of Cities, Uber India & South Asia said, “We are excited to launch Uber Boat in Mumbai, in partnership with Maharashtra Maritime Board. As pioneers in the organized on-demand transport system, Uber’s vision is to create a multi-modal platform to better serve riders and the cities we operate in. With UberBoat, we will tap the vast potential of the city’s waterways transport system. We aim to provide efficient and easily accessible services to riders who are looking at navigating through these specific routes. With this service, boat operators will be able to gain access to Uber’s highly engaged rider base and enhance their earning opportunity.” UberBOAT


Types of UberBOAT services available

  • Uber Boat: 6-8 seater
  • Uber Boat XL: 10+ seater


All Uber Boat rides will come equipped with safety instructions, lifejackets, printed collaterals and emergency contact details. These safety measures will help riders feel safe while boarding the speed boats.



The prices detailed below applied for all available routes on the platform

UberBoat: INR 5,700

UberBoat XL: INR 9,500



India is a big market for Uber. The rideshare giant has launched a plethora of services in the country including UberEats and now Uber Boat. Currently enthralled in a fierce rivalry with rideshare company Ola, introducing these new features will help boost patronage.



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