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All About UberEATS Kenya, Africa


In our previous posts, we have discussed how Uber moved from just providing ride requests to offering food delivery services. This foray into the gig industry provides Uber drivers with the opportunity to earn more while already on the road. UberEATS is also open to non-Uber drivers. The service started up in several areas in the U.S including San Francisco, Washington, L.A, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta. The service has since spread all the over the country and even outside the U.S to other continents like UberEATS in Tokyo, SA, London and now UberEATS Kenya.


UberEATS Kenya, Africa


Alon Lits- General Manager of Uber in Sub-Saharan Africa shared the goals behind the company’s expansion in Africa. He revealed that Uber is not only committed to providing alternative means of transport for Africans but also empowering willing drivers. It is equally important to note that unemployment is a big problem in most African countries.

In September 2016, UberEATS, launched in Johannesburg South-Africa. The service has since spread to Capetown, Bedfordview and Jozi CBD, Pretoria in South Africa. UberEATS South Africa users get to request their favorite meals from local restaurants that have partnered with the food delivery service.

Now, Uber has finally launched UberEATS Kenya. Kenya is the 2nd African country where Uber is operating and the 4th city in Africa. Just like in South Africa, users in Kenya can request meals from UberEATS’ restaurant partners. The meal will be delivered immediately or at a requested time. Users will also select in-app whether they want the meal delivered to a particular location or if they will meet the driver at the car.

To find the over 100 participating restaurants in the UberEATS app, navigate to the tab that says “popular near you” and select your preferred restaurant.  Users will be charged a Sh150 delivery fee.


Deliver for UberEATS Kenya

See below the requirements for delivering with UberEATS Kenya.


For existing Uber drivers

If you are already an Uber driver or partner, visit the accounts section of the Uber driver app and accept the delivery terms. This will allow you start accepting delivery requests for UberEATS.

For new drivers

According to UberEATS Kenya, see below the requirements for delivering with the service:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Any make or model motorbike
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Valid National ID
  • Vehicle Registration (Log Book) or “Permission to Use” document
  • Third Party / Comprehensive Insurance must be valid

After submitting the required documents, you will have to go through a screening before you can start driving.



Uber has spread to other cities like London and Tokyo. The ride-share company initiated a gradual rollout across Japan—a country where its main ride-hailing business is barred. Uber’s inability to keep up with local laws mandating that Uber drivers have taxi licenses prompted a ban on Uber’s services in Tokyo. It is great to see how the UberEATS service is empowering willing drivers and also providing existing drivers with new means of earning while on the go.


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