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All About UberGOLD


UberGOLD service is an innovative reward for excellence program designed by Uber. UberGold was created to reward top notch drivers and partners. You could say this program was initiated by Uber to act as an incentive for drivers to give superior service to customers.All About UberGOLD Details reveal that the the service was debuted in San Francisco.


How UberGOLD Works

Currently, there is no active qualification period for new driver-partners to become GOLD. Selection is by invitation only and targets drivers who complete 80 trips each week. Uber would contact future dedicated driver-partners when a future qualification period is available. For driver-partners who have previously earned UberGOLD status, their qualification status gets automatic extension as they keep up with the number of rides previously mandated.


What UberGOLD Partners Enjoy

UberGOLD partner-drivers would be rewarded with:

  • Priority service at your Uber Greenlight Hub (User drivers’ support offices)
  • Access to exclusive GOLD appreciation events
  • A special “GOLD PARTNER” decal for your vehicle
  • Opportunities to win exclusive giveaways, like a night at the Westin St. Francis, and more!


What this May Mean

There already exists an incentive to keep drivers on their toes – low ratings can get you disqualified. However, the UberGOLD program is a pretty decent incentive that benefits both parties (Uber and drivers).

Here is how Uber benefits: The need to keep a high rating will make drivers well-behaved but might not prompt them to want to drive longer hours. GOLD program, on the other hand demands longer hours and a stellar rating for drivers , which translates into more money for both sides.

It is a good thing to see that Uber is trying to reward exemplary drivers . We hope that it goes worldwide soon.


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