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What is UberFAMILY?


Trips with Uber are usually hassle-free when you are a sole passenger, but when you intend to travel with your child, the situation becomes a bit more sensitive. Every parent or guardian wants to ride that assures them that their child is safe. This is where UberFAMILY comes in. UberFAMILY is an Uber service that provides on-demand car seat option for parents on the go. UberFAMILY provides a car seat option for select Uber services thereby ensuring that a family can travel together safely.UberFAMILY


How Does UberFAMILY Work?

To ensure the safety of your child, Uber NYC has teamed up with The Car Seat Lady’s Dr. Alisa Baer, who trains selected highest-rated UberX drivers on how to safely secure the IMMI Go car seats. So when you request UberFAMILY, Uber does not only provide you a safe car seat, but a professional driver who has been trained properly on how to get it strapped smoothly. In Turkey, Uber teamed up with MAXI-COSI, one of the leading car seat manufacturers in the world to provide the UberFAMILY service to users in Istanbul.


Is Your Child Eligible?

For your child to be eligible to use this service, they have to meet certain requirements. These requirements are pretty standard across all countries where UberFAMILY is offered. To qualify, a child has to be at least:

  •         12 months old
  •         22 lbs.
  •         and about 31 inches

A child is considered too big at 48 lbs. or 52 inches.


Vehicle Requirements for UberFAMILY



As seen above, this service is tied to different Uber products offered in different cities. This ultimately leads to the understanding that you get to pay the chosen Uber product ride fare plus an additional surcharge. For example, users pay a $10 amount surcharge for Uber in NYC. This may vary in other cities.


How to Request a Car Seat

  • Open the Uberapp
  • Slide over to the UberFAMILY option and make a request.
  • Ride with your child safely buckled up in a car seat

Clearly, it seems life only gets easier with Uber. With this brilliant addition, the whole family can now ride safely. If you have any info or you want to share your experience while using this service with us, feel free to use the comment box below the post.


If you wish to use the UberFAMILY service, start by downloading the Uber app  on your mobile phone. The Uber app is available for download on Android ,IOS or Windows phone.


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