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23 Reasons Why Your Car Cannot Be Used for Uber



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One of the very best things about becoming an Uber driver is the fact that you do not, necessarily, have to purchase a brand new car that’s worth a ton of money.

In fact, it is often possible for you to make do with your own personal vehicle, which can save a hefty bit of cash and can minimize all of the bothersome procedures involved in buying a new vehicle.

However, many people will get their heart set on the idea of using their own car as their Uber vehicle, only to find out at the last minute that their car is not acceptable to be used as a Uber car.

An even worse situation would be if you went ahead and purchased a brand new, expensive car and later found out that it did not meet the qualifications that Uber requires all vehicles to meet. In this situation, you would have forked over a lot of money for nothing.

To prevent these bothersome problems, we will go over 23 reasons why your car may not be accepted to be used as a Uber car. Note- each city’s requirements are a little different, but in general the list below is applicable to most cities across the globe.


1 – Your car is too old

The first reason might be that the vehicle in question is too old. In most cities, Uber vehicles are required to be at most 10 years old (year 2006 or newer). There are some areas where older models are permitted, but the general guideline is 2006 or newer. If your car is a model from an older year, it probably will not be accepted to be used as your Uber vehicle.


2 – Your car doesn’t comfortably seat 4 or more passengers

The next reason for your car being out of the question as an Uber car (at least for UberX in most cities) is that it might not comfortably seat 4 or more passengers. Uber’s requirements (UberX car requirements) in most cities clearly state that your car needs to comfortably seat at least 4 passengers.


3 – Your car failed a vehicle inspection

Another reason why your car might be unsuitable to be an Uber vehicle is that it might have failed a vehicle inspection. If your vehicle does not pass the inspection, it cannot be used. (for cities where vehicle inspections are required).


4 – Your insurance paperwork doesn’t have your full name

A mistake that prevents many people’s cars from being usable as an Uber vehicle is the fact that they do not have their full name on the insurance for the car. Although this may not seem like a big deal, Uber will not accept your vehicle on their platform.


5 – You have external dents, or badly done body work to your car

The fifth reason why your car can not be used for Uber might be that it has some visible external dent(s). A small scratch or two here and there should not be an issue, but large dents or anything hideous may cause Uber to reject your vehicle.


6 – Your car is a marked vehicle (e.g. – with Taxi markings)

The next possible cause for your car not being accepted is that it is a marked vehicle e.g. a car that was used as a taxi. These types of vehicles will instantly (or eventually) be rejected by Uber, so keep that in mind. (This is not applicable to cars being considered for UberTaxi).


7 – Your car title is not clean (salvage titles)

The seventh reason why your vehicle might not be accepted is that it might be a rebuilt or salvaged vehicle. This means that it was rebuilt using parts from other cars, after a major accident (and then re-titled).

When it comes to vehicles for specific Uber services, there are a number of possible causes for your car not being accepted, which we shall get into below:


8 – UberXL vehicles need to seat at least 6 people

For UberXL, your car will not be usable unless it can seat at least 6 people.


9 – UberPlus vehicles need to be luxury vehicles

For the UberPlus service, your car will not be accepted if it is not a luxury model. Per Uber “You can expect pickups from BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Classes and Audi A4s, among others.” with the UberPlus service.  As a rule of thumb, Uber Plus cars are nicer than UberX cars, but not as nice as the Uber Black cars.


10 – UberBlack vehicles need to be luxury vehicles

For UberBLACK, your car will not be accepted unless it is painted black and has a black, grey or beige leather interior.


11 – For UberBlack – the age of your vehicle

Your UberBlack car may also be rejected if it is not a model from the year 2012 or newer (as at 2015).


12 – UberBlack cars need commercial insurance & registration

If your car does not have commercial registration and insurance, Uber may not accept it for UberBLACK.  (This is not true for all cities, but is a general rule of thumb).


13 – UberBlack cars without livery permits (including airport permits)

In addition to this, a vehicle without the necessary livery permits (including airport permits) will be rejected as an UberBLACK car. (This is not true for all cities, but is a general rule of thumb).


Become an Uber Driver

14 – UberLUX cars older than 2012 will not be accepted

For UberLUX, your car will not be accepted unless it is a full-size, high-end vehicle. If it is a model older than 2012, it will not be accepted. Per Uber, “[For UberLux,] riders [get] picked up in luxury vehicles like the Tesla Model S, Mercedes Benz S-Class or BMW 7-Series, and ferried around the city by Uber’s ‘highest driver-partners’.”


15 – Your car doesn’t have in-state plates

The fifteenth possible cause of your car not being accepted is that it does not have in-state plates or commercial plates with a current registration.


16 – Your car is not on the uber approved list of vehicles

Another thing to be aware of is that the Uber has a list of all the vehicles they accept (for some cities). If your vehicle is not on the list, that may be the reason for it not being accepted.


17 – The interior of your car has damage

Damage to the interior of the car, e.g. the seats may be a reason for your car being rejected as well.


18 – Chipped paint on your car’s exterior

Chipped paint can also be a factor causing Uber to reject your car.


19 – Your car is not comfortable (UberBlack, UberPlus, and UberSUV)

For higher end Uber services, in particular, the car is required to be comfortable. If it is not deemed comfortable, there is a chance of it not being accepted.


20 – Too many accidents

Another possible reason your car could be rejected from Uber is that your vehicle has been involved in numerous car accidents. In this case, it may not be considered safe and may be rejected.


21– Missing drivers documents

If your driver’s documents are incomplete or insufficient, your car may also be rejected by Uber.


22– Car Features not working

Poorly functioning features of the car are a definite no-no and will cause eventual rejection. For example, if a passenger gets in the car, and upon ending the trip, he/she cannot get out of the vehicle, except you open the door from the outside.


23– You do not qualify as an UberX driver

Lastly, if you as a driver do not qualify to drive for Uber (for UberX accounts), it is a given that your vehicle will be rejected.

Now that you are informed about why your car may be rejected, choose your vehicle wisely and get to driving!



Become an Uber Driver

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95 thoughts on “23 Reasons Why Your Car Cannot Be Used for Uber”

  1. How can i get qualified for an uber car? My current car is too old. Any suggestions? To make sure i get the correct car?

  2. Huh, I was thinking of driving for Uber with my street-legal restored HMMWV, but guess not. I thought there might be folks who would like to be picked up in a mil-spec collector vehicle.

  3. Hey Malik,

    Thank you for sharing this. This is really very helpful especially for those who are planning to drive with Uber. I’ve been thinking of getting rid of my old car and buy a new one which is suited for Uber driving and your article has helped a lot. Keep posting these informative articles!

  4. I’m only interested in driving part time doing Uber eats. One page stated that a car 1996 or newer is acceptable. Is that true please let me know. Marvin Latta 678 779-**** thanks

        1. Hello Henry,

          I Suggest you visit your city Greenlight Hub for assistance.


          Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  5. so if my car looks good in and out there is not thing wrong with it drives great but its a restored salvage title i would not be qualified for uber?

    1. I am a current uber driver, My car was rebuilt title and I worked with it with uber for 3 years no issues. I don’t know what is the reason for not accepting if the car was inspected and registered legally by the state and has a valid state insurance. What you are saying doesn’t make sense and I am a living proof

      1. Hello Mike,

        Uber generally does not accepted rebuilt vehicles, but there are some exceptions for some countries. And it sometimes depends on the extent of damages and repairs done on the vehicle.

        Best Regards,

        Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  6. How in the world would uber even know that you have a salvage title? Uber doesn’t ask for your title and it doesn’t say it on my insurance.

    1. We are uberkit.net (not Uber), a service for people trying to grow their uber business.
      Per your question, I think your best bet is to go into your local Uber office and make your issue known.
      Uber Customer Service
      Uber generally does not give out phone numbers, we have a blog post below. Look within the table (in the blog post), and search for your city, to find the contact information (we have some addresses too) for your particular city.

      Kunle for Uberkit.net

  7. I am looking to buy a 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback in order to drive for Uber. I see the Civic on your list but I was wondering if you guys care whether it is the Sedan or Hatchback model? Both are 4 doors and have plenty of passenger room. The Hatch has more boot space and looks better! Can you advise?

    1. Yes, you can get a Honda Civic Hatchback to drive with Uber.


      Kunle for Uberkit.net Support

        1. Hi Ahmad
          a) if after the damage your car is fixed properly there is a possibility i can be accepted by uber.
          b) Send an email to uber at support@uber.com, or to your local uber office’s email. If they don’t respond to you, go to Uber’s local office in your town and let your concerns be known. Also,look up our blog post here : http://www.uberkit.net/blog/uber-customer-service/. It has information for 297+ cities
          across the globe.

          joseph for uberkit.net support.

  8. I am planing to buy a car for use uber driving. There is car that mach with my budget. 2017 Honda Accord. It’s a new car only 19000 ml. and has a branded title. Please let me know can I use it for Uber?

  9. My vehicle registration keep getting rejected it’s 2 door but it can fit 4 passengers comfortably it 2016 civic coupe brand new. Please let me know

    1. Per your question, I think your best bet is to go into your local Uber office and make your issue known.

      Kunle for Uberkit.net support

  10. My 2004 BMW X5 has been garaged and looks immaculate. It’s silver with jet black leather inside. It runs like a charm – it’s a bimmer…..so you’re saying even my car isn’t eligible even if pictures are submitted? It’s a gorgeous car!! Way nicer than some of the cars I’ve Ubered in before!!

  11. My car (2014 Honda Civic LX) is in great condition and I have maintenance done regularly on it, however when I purchased it used from the Honda Dealership the seats were already stained. Will stained seats prevent me from being able to drive with Uber?

  12. Hi……I have skoda octavia 2016 only 3000 miles. Car had light damage to side and was cat D. Now nicely repaired with genuine parts.Can I use it for Uber? Thank you

  13. I am the original owner of a 2000 Lexus ES300 sedan. The car is in showroom condition with low mileage for its age(100,000). Can I use this car for Uber service? Thanks.

  14. I was looking into getting a new car to work on uber however but not sure if it will qualified. Is a 2012 Ford Escape hybrid awd with a clean title but it has had frame work damage. Do you think I could still use it ?

    1. Hello Basel,

      Two doors cars are generally not accepted by uber.


      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

    1. Hello Mirela,

      Hatchbacks cars are generally not approved for UberX but some are approved for UberGO services. You can visit your local Uber office to verify if it’s approved for your city.


      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  15. 1-Can I use a 2017 Jeep Wrangler that has the “Wrangler” name (Black decal) on the front both sides of hood(Passenger and drivers side), as well as an OFF Road Decal that looks like a map of a Mountain trail that came factory? Jeep is Dark Grey, Map Decal is black with red trail line..

    2-also i have a soft top on for the summer. can I keep it on for inspection or do I have to put my Hard top back on?

    1. Hello Shane,

      Jeep Wrangler 2017 is not approved for uber. You need a sedan car to be able to drive with uber. You can also visit your local uber office for information about uber in your city.

    1. Hello Nick,

      Sorry for the late responds, Uber dose not accept branded vehicle maybe if you can repaint the car to black it can be accepted. You will have to visit your local uber office to make an inquire if it will be accepted before you paint.


      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

    1. Hello Roselyn,

      Rebuilt Vehicles is generally not accepted by uber.

      Good Luck!

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

    1. Hello William,

      First i need to know the country you reside to be able to assist you, each country have different vehicle requirements. i will be expecting your feedback.

      Best Regards,

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  16. The state of Utah recognizes a difference between salvage/rebuilt and branded. Can I use a branded title for Uber in Utah?

    1. Hello Kent,

      Uber dose not accept branded/salvage/rebuilt title vehicle, it’s a standard uber policy.

      Good Luck!

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  17. I have a 2016 car but it’s rebuilt it was an accident but wasn’t to bad it was scratched all over and some dients and it’s fixed we don’t have to replace any parts but the title it’s rebuilt that can be qualify or not

    1. Hello Peter,

      Irrespective of the damage extent to your vehicle, rebuilt vehicle is not accepted by uber.

      Good Luck!

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  18. My POV is an emergency search and rescue vehicle (SUV) and I briefly drove for Uber a few years back with no issues. This will not be an issue if I decide to drive for Uber again in the future, correct?

    Clarification: This is my “personally” owned and operated vehicle NOT a vehicle that is licensed with any municipal department, but is used for volunteer search and rescue operations.

    1. Hello Mike,

      Well it depends on the general condition of the vehicle that will determine if its going to be accepted by uber.

      Good Luck!

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

      1. The vehicle is in excellent condition inside and out. It’s also in excellent mechanical condition. 2011 Dodge Durango Citadel.

        1. Hello Mike,

          First i need to know the country you reside to be able to assist you, each country have different vehicle requirements. i will be expecting your feedback.

          Best Regards,

          Joseph for uberkit.net support.

          1. Hello Mike,

            Dodge Durango Citadel 2011 is approved for uberSUV in United States of America; the vehicle must have black interior and exterior qualify with UberSUV.

            Good Luck!

            Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  19. Hi,
    I’m in the process of acquiring a car to use for UberX/Uber Plus. It’s a 2008 Honda CR-V. I have a couple of questions:

    1. A friend gave me the car with a personal agreement where I remit a specified sum to him monthly. Car insurance and ownership is under his name. Can I register still?

    2. By “in-state plates” does it mean the license plates on the car have to be Abuja license plates? As I plan operating in Abuja.


    1. Hello Ibrahim,

      1. You can still sign up with uber despite the car documents being in your friend name.

      2. In-state plates means the state the vehicle was registered. You can drive with uber in Abuja it doesn’t matter the state the vehicle was registered.

      Best Regards,

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  20. Hi, I am looking at buying a 2013, 4-door Ford Escape SE car that has been fully repaired from hail damage. The car doesn’t show any damage after the repair, but the damage is stated on the VIN report I purchased. Is that allowed? I don’t want to hand the private owner $8,500 and be rejected by Uber.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hello,

      Sorry for the late respond, i will advise you not the buy the car. Some salvage titled vehicle are accepted by uber, but to be on a safe side i suggest you go for a car that does not have salvage title.

      Best Regards,

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

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