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7 Best Free Mileage Tracking Apps


Keeping a bird’s eye on your vehicle’s mileage can result in huge savings for you when it’s time to file that tax return on your car’s total mileage.  It is imperative that you keep an up to date record of all relevant documents to ensure a quick and easy process when it’s time to handle your taxes.  Whether you do your taxes yourself or turn them over to an accountant, you’ll still need to keep track of the miles you travelled all year long.

Mileage costs incurred for your Uber business are also subject to taxation.  The nominal rate of taxation is 56.5 cents per mile.

Whether you are in charge of your own Uber business as an Uber driver or you are managing a fleet of vehicles, you will be amazed at just how useful a mileage tracker can be.

The apps provided in this list cover everything from accurate journey coverage to ensuring you fair tax deductibles. Be sure to look at all of the features that are offered because you might just find something that revolutionizes the way you run your Uber business.


SherpaShare Mileage/Expense Tracker (Free)

With its advanced mileage tracking technology, SherpaShare Mileage Tracker makes it easy to track your mileage for personal and professional use. Additionally, the app makes it convenient for you to get the best tax deduction with very little work on your part. Mileage TrackerIt is used by drivers in popular rideshare services like Uber and by millions of other individuals.

Easily categorize your trips, track your expenses, back-up data securely to the cloud, connect and interact with a community of other drivers, view the busiest driving areas, check out the latest real time road conditions, get support and much more. This app really makes tracking mileages a simple and efficient process.





Everlance – Mileage Log, Expense Tracker, & Deduction Tracking for Taxes (Free)

This mileage tracker is 100% free and we love that about any app. Everlance is a mileage app that delivers great features for personal and business travels.

The app automatically tracks and logs mileage, trip start and end times, quickly categorizes the trip, track revenue and expenses, adds photos of receipts, an overview of taxable income, and quickly exports all data via CSV.  Mileage Tracker

Another cool feature within the app is that it’s designed to minimize the drainage on your iDevice’s battery while running in the background.





Hurdlr – Mileage Log & Tax Deductions for 1099 Taxes (Free)
Mileage Tracker

Hurdlr Mileage Tracker tracks your mileage for the purpose of filing your taxes. It’s designed to track, gather and share your data with your accountant or keeps it handy for when you file your taxes yourself.

The app also provides live in-app support, automatically tracks miles, an estimator for expenses and tax deductions, self tax calculator, Payment alerts, personal cloud storage, and is light on your iDevice’s battery.

Hurdlr is a safe and secure app that will definitely get the job done. This app is a great option for people who claim travelling expenses and mileage deductions on your taxes.



MileWiz – Automatic Mileage Tracker & Digital Driver Log  (Free)


A unique mileage tracking technology designed to protect against IRS audits, Milewiz is a wonderful option for automatically tracking your mileage and viewing your trips on a map. Additionally, the app allows users to see their recent trips and the value for each drive.

Easily categorize drives, automatically set up categorizations, track expenses like gas and tolls, use for your clients, tag drives, use multiple vehicles and drivers, pause tracking when needed and so much more.

There are subscriptions to get the most out of this app’s features and they renew automatically. You get 20 free trips per month before upgrading to unlimited trips for only $4.99 a month. Mileage Tracker

MileWiz is a great app for small businesses, driving services, even for small families and individual drivers.

  • IRS compliant, Easily generates and provides tax info
  • Create multiple drivers, trips and vehicles to monitor
  • Automatically track mileage, Pause tracking if needed
  • Sync between iDevices, Advanced Categorization functions
  • Subscriptions per month and year, 20 Free trips per month



Easy Logbook (Free)
Mileage Tracker

This is possibly the simplest mileage tracking app. Not only is it easy to track, but the interface is very easy to use and the graphics won’t distract or impede your tracking progress.

Use this app for business or personal needs, works with miles or kilometers and generate your reports to email.

The app can be a drain on your battery since the GPS is running in the background. To use, just press the start button when starting a trip and then press the stop button when the trip is over. Enter a description for the trip and you are done. It’s that simple, quick and easy.


MileGuru (Free)

MileGuru will help you become a guru when filing your tax deductions for driving expenses. The app will track your mileage, track trips and even keep track of expenses like gas, tolls and parking. Create a trip log that will monitor everything driving related like mileage, create start and end points, monitor expenses, separate vehicles and easily save the reports.

You can do all these with the MileGuru. You can also export via PDF but there is a limited amount of PDF reports available in the free version. An in-app purchase will allow you to have unlimited reports. This app is great to use for individual needs and it will also make your HR department or bosses happy.


TrackMyDrive – Mileage Tracker & Auto Mileage Log & Business Reimbursement (Free)

TrackMyDrive is a great mileage tracker for the iOS. It runs in the background and automatically detects all of the drives that you make. After the drive is complete, you can save the info in a custom or preset category.

This app aims to keep things simple while providing you a host of features like track mileage reimbursement, manual entry for mileage data, tracking via GPS, mileage deduction, tax details and much more which you can read about in the app review.

Mileage TrackerThere is an in-app purchase for unlimited trips at a yearly subscription. Currently, the free version allows 8 trips per month.





Primary Source: apppicker.com.



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  1. Thank you for this post. Nice to know that there are different mileage tracking app that are available in the market.

    1. Hi Alivia
      there are different applications you can use to track your mileage, we have listed 7 top app on our blog to help you track your mileage.
      1. SherpaShare Mileage/Expense Tracker (Free)
      2. Everlance – Mileage Log, Expense Tracker, & Deduction Tracking for Taxes (Free)
      3. Hurdlr – Mileage Log & Tax Deductions for 1099 Taxes (Free)
      4. MileWiz – Automatic Mileage Tracker & Digital Driver Log (Free)
      5. Easy Logbook (Free)
      6. MileGuru (Free)
      7. TrackMyDrive – Mileage Tracker & Auto Mileage Log & Business Reimbursement (Free)

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