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Top Car Leasing Programs for Uber Drivers and Entrepreneurs


Uber Car LeaseIf you are looking to become an Uber driver or an Uber partner, what is the most troublesome barrier that presents itself? Having a car that fits the Uber’s requirements for the particular Uber service you are interested in.

Fortunately, there are now ways to overcome this issue with the help of car leasing programs for Uber! We’re going to discuss some of the top car leasing programs that you might want to consider if you wish to work with Uber.

The programs we will discuss are: Uber Xchange, Breeze, and Flexdrive (this is more a rental program, but we thought it was worthy of discussion too). A quick summary of the aforementioned services is listed below (For our detailed discussion go here):


Become an Uber Driver

Uber Xchange Leasing Program:

  • Xchange is a subsidiary company of Uber (similar to Raiser)
  • $250 Deposit to get a lease
  • You are not limited to a Prius (UberX and UberXL cars only)
  • Expect a credit check
  • No Limit on Mileage
  • Ability to break a lease before 3 years (for $250)
  • Available initially (pilot program) in California, Maryland and Georgia
  • Interest Rate – 11.6%
  • Uber car lease cost:  $100 a week for the actual lease
  • Payment includes (car, and maintenance)
  • URL: https://get.uber.com/cl/xchange/


Breeze Leasing Program:

  • Uber car lease cost:  Expect to pay around $195 a week for the lease
  • $250 Deposit to get a lease
  • Limited to a Prius
  • 600 Miles a week (or 31,200 miles a year)
  • $0.15 per mile for mileage over the 600 Miles a week limit
  • You can return the car with a 2 weeks’ notice (no penalty)
  • URL: https://www.joinbreeze.com/

Flexdrive (Rental) Program:

  • No down payment or credit check
  • Swap cars with other participating members whenever you want (based on availability)
  • Uber car lease cost:  Weekly subscription fees of $239/week + tax
  • (Weekly & Monthly Rentals available)
  • One time membership fee of $100
  • Access to a variety of models for UberX, UberXL and UberSelect
  • Payment includes (car, insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance)
  • URL:   https://flexdrive.com/


Uber Xchange

The Uber Xchange leasing program is a real game changer for hopeful Uber drivers or partners, as it allows you to rack up unlimited mileage on the leased vehicle. The weekly lease fee is often around 100 dollars, and you get  a choice from a decent variety of different vehicles.

If you change your mind at a later date, you can always terminate the lease with two weeks’ notice and the payment of a $250 fee.

This program can save you a lot of money compared to a lot of other leasing programs, and the unlimited-mileage aspect is really quite astounding.

In this program, you can lease cars like Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen. Unlike some programs, you will not be limited to a Prius.

In fact, there are even some UberXL vehicles that qualify for this program, which is great for drivers that wish to sign up for Uber’s UberXL services. To sign up with Uber Xchange go here:  https://get.uber.com/cl/xchange/


Breeze Leasing Program

The second leasing program that you might want to consider is Breeze. Breeze is a flexible company that is a great option for those that wish to enter the Uber business. You need to pay about 250 dollars to get started with the program, and $195 a week as your weekly fee.

You are limited to a Prius with Breeze, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your preferences.

With Breeze, you are allowed 600 miles a week—additional miles will be charged 0.15$ per mile. However, 600 miles is quite a lot! Make sure you use up all of these miles to get the most bang for your buck.

The main plus, with Breeze, is the ease with which you can return a car. With just two weeks notice, you can return a car:  It is an uncomplicated and easy procedure.

Breeze is a good option for new drivers, in particular, due to the easy return system. It is pricier than the Uber Xchange program, but it is still a noteworthy program to consider if you want to delve into the world of being an Uber contractor without having to purchase a car flat-out. To sign up with breeze go here: https://www.joinbreeze.com/


Flexdrive (rental) Program

The third option we looked at for leasing is Flexdrive (even though it isn’t really a leasing program). Flexdrive is a flexible car rental program for drivers that want flexibility (you don’t have to be an Uber driver to use it).

With Flexdrive, you have monthly and weekly rental options; you also have the ability to swap out cars (depending on availability). The beautiful thing about Flexdrive is the fact that you don’t have to worry about maintenance or insurance (which can be a big concern for Uber drivers). To sign up with Flexdrive, expect to pay around $239 per week (cheaper than Breeze, but more expensive than the Xchange progam), and a onetime membership fee of $100. To get started with flexdrive, go here: https://flexdrive.com/

And that’s all there is to know about the top Uber leasing programs around! Figure out what is best for you, and then take your pick so you can start earning money.

For drivers and entrepreneurs not even sure on whether to rent, lease, buy outright or finance, download our uber kit to make the best decision before committing to any one method. This could save you thousands down the line.



Become an Uber Driver

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23 thoughts on “Top Car Leasing Programs for Uber Drivers and Entrepreneurs”

  1. I was interested in leasing a car through the Uber Xchange program. I have been to the site through the app and it reads that I am not able to use the service. I was suppose to verify my earning with Uber by going to a site and I do not know the site information. My email with Uber is *****@gmail.com. Please have a representative contact me with the verification instructions.

    1. You can contact Xchange Leasing directly by emailing support@xchangeleasing.com or calling their payments team at the phone number and hours listed below, they’ll be happy to help.

      Phone: 888-314-0836
      Available Mon – Thurs 7:00am to 8:00pm, Fri 7:00am to 7:00pm, and Sat 8:00am to 12:00pm. (All times listed are in Central Time.)

      1. I’m still waiting on exchange leasing to contact me as of Dec 9th to arrange a pick up on their vehicle I wish to return due to many faults on their end I have not been using the vehicle ever since then I’ve called them many times with my concern and I’m getting no where

        1. Hi Adam

          We are uberkit.net (NOT Uber), a service for people trying to grow their uber business.
          Per your question, you might want to send an email directly to Uber customer service in your city.

          a) Customer Service
          Uber generally does not give out phone numbers, we have a blog post below -look within the table (in the blog post), and search for your city,
          to find the contact information for your particular city.


          joseph for uberkit.net support

  2. Hi I have been trying to register as a driver with Uber, I am not sure how to get there and I have 16 years of service in logistics as Operation Warehouse Supervisor with Geographiycal knowledge and Supply Chain, Strategic Logistics Management, want to engage myself with Uber as a driver but I dont have a car please contact me on 08186990**

  3. I have just passsed a screening check with uber, i am waiting for the one day training invitation then i will automatically be online with uber, i need a car urgently please help

  4. Hello, do you have to be actively driving with uber to do the uber change leasing program? Or am I able to lease through uber Xchange as long as I keep up the car payments?

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