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UberBLACK Drivers and UberX Requests


Uber has a wide range of services created to suit the different lifestyles of its customers. These services include but are not limited to the UberBLACK and UberX. While the UberBLACK service is Uber’s high class service that provides riders with very sleek rides driven by professional chauffeurs, UberX is the low-cost Uber service where riders are picked up in nice vehicles but not as nice as the black cars.

Another significant difference between these two services is the fares charged for using either of them. UberX drivers make a handsome sum of money at the end of the day since the service is Uber’s most widely used service and gets a bulk of Uber rides. However, UberBLACK drivers do not get as much ride requests like the UberX but the fares charged are high enough that they earn as much as UberX drivers and sometimes more.  uberBLACK

It is reasonable that UberX drivers (the low cost Uber) receive more ride requests than UberBLACK drivers. Hence, UberX drivers generally have busier days than most UberBLACK drivers. For this reason, Uber gives UberBLACK drivers a chance to accept UberX rides. An initial reaction would be to reject the idea but we can’t ignore the merits of this initiative.

The question now is – When should you accept an UberX ride as an UberBLACK driver?

Here are a few logical answers below:


  1.   On Slow Days

Sometimes, you have days when things are not exactly smooth – every job has that kind of day. It is advisable that UberBLACK drivers who get a beep for X rides on such days accept the ride. It is a good way to ensure that you still keep your income healthy for the day.


  1.   After All Said and Done

Even after having a rewarding day, it never hurts to earn more provided you still have time to kill. If you receive UberX pings, why not accept it? You can add that as a tip for you – something to help end the day on a high note.


  1.   A Ride Back From the Airport

Now this may be rare but imagine you drop off a passenger at an airport (which is usually a long trip from the city) and you get an UberX ride alert. Not all drivers who take a ride to the airport are lucky enough to get another ride request when heading back. So if you get any at all, UberX or not, you should really consider accepting it. 

Generally, the question about whether UberBLACK drivers should accept UberX rides or not is really just about timing. Depending on the situation you are in, UberX request might be a plus or minus. I would definitely advise that UberBLACK drivers do not consider taking X rides during the peak periods for receiving UberBLACK requests. Accepting an UberX request is only necessary when you are sure that there is really nothing to lose. It could be a big loss if you spend time chasing less profitable rides during UberBLACK peak periods. Take advantage of this initiative by Uber and maximize the potentials attached to signing up for other Uber services.


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